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Office cleaning: hire a cleaner or hire a cleaning service?

Office cleaning: hire a cleaner or hire a cleaning service? 14 Feb

Office Cleaning Services

Office spaces are the flagship of every company. Therefore, they should always be in perfect condition. So that the first impression on customers and business partners is a positive one. So that a motivating room climate is created in which employees feel comfortable and enjoy working. And these are only two of the reasons why commercial areas should be cleaned professionally and sustainably regularly.

The question of which address in the city should a company set up is often a question of managing directors’ worries. After all – at least that’s what they say – the location says a lot about the company. Customers and business partners should have a good impression of the company when they visit in person. Anyone who thinks about this should spend just as much time looking for a professional building cleaning company who cleans their surfaces conscientiously and thoroughly.

office cleaning services

The first impression counts

Because the first impression of the rooms is usually just as relevant as the location of the property when a customer visits. The entrance area, the floor coverings, the sanitary facilities – all of this should be in pristine condition. Because only then does the customer feel comfortable, which in turn is the basis for a trusting cooperation.

Of course, entrepreneurs are usually aware that the company’s premises must be cleaned regularly. And not only so that the space is presentable in case customers come by, but also because employees are legally entitled to a clean office. Apart from the fact that employees simply feel more comfortable in a clean office and work more productively.

External service providers are often not even considered the 

In the next step, the question arises as to where cleaning staff for commercial areas can be found. It often makes sense, especially for small and medium-sized companies, to hire their cleaner for the office. For example, a mini jobber or a cleaner who works on a self-employed basis.

Often employees either have a domestic help themselves who still has the capacity or have heard about a cleaner who is looking for further orders. The solution seems to be an obvious one, and the possibility of hiring an external company to clean the premises is often no longer considered.

Also regularly

However: Even if it seems easy at first to hire its cleaner for the company, you should still note the following: If the cleaner is prevented by illness or vacation, the company must try to find a replacement itself. The administrative effort should not be neglected either. No matter whether in the form of the employment of a self-employed household worker with his trade or as the employment of a mini jobber.

Professional maintenance cleaning prevents loss of value

You can save all of this by hiring an external service provider to clean the commercial space instead. If the cleaning staff responsible for their areas is not available, the company will of course provide representation – in the best-case scenario, you won’t even notice anything.

Another plus point: As a rule, the staff of a cleaning company is familiar with the special features of office cleaning: The employees know to what extent carpets and upholstery, floor coverings and office furniture wear out through daily use, and what cleaning and care they need in order not to lose their value to lose.

In most cases, regular and professional cleaning of commercial spaces can prevent a blatant loss of value due to wear and tear. In this way, whoever hires a professional service provider prevents expensive maintenance or the purchase of new furniture in case of doubt. All of this should bear in mind to whom the costs of a cleaning company seem too high at first glance.

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